Woodstock Wear: Music Festival Fashions

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With success of music festivals such as Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Camp Bisco and the upcoming Electric Zoo, music festivals seem to be popping up literally across the globe, with events such as Glastonbury in the UK and Tomorrowland in Germany. With such international popularity comes international inspired trends we call festivalwear. Festivalwear has become a predominant trend and has been incorporated into everyday style. Stores such as ASOS, Free People, and Topshop have devoted entire product lines to festival fashions. However, one may not need to look further than his or her parents' closet for some authentic festivalwear relics. 
Woodstock, anyone? Music festivals originally gained momentum in the late 1960's as a cultural revolution of sorts of the younger generation. This time was a period very similar to that of today's youth. The US was plagued with recession and unemployment, lack of faith in the government, and a very unpopular war in Vietnam. Perhaps this can offer some insight as to why music festivals have resurfaced in the 2010's. a same desire for unity among youth while bonding over artistic freedom is the backbone of festival culture. As for fashion, the late '60s through the '70s provide the necessities for the perfect festival uniform. With a heavy Bohemian influence, festivalwear is light, sheer, skin-baring, cutout, and flowy to represent this artistic freedom. Floral and tribal influences are predominant and typical paired with denim, the fabric of the '70s. Accessories have also become a key component in festival fashion with headpieces, flower crowns, and statement jewelry being the most popular. All of these influences paired together may seem too overdone for everyday wear but separately they have crept into street style with floral nd tribal prints being the go to prints of SS13 with other popular '70s prints such as tie dye, ombré, and paisley also becoming widely popular. Where will festivalwear go from here? Time can only tell but fashion is a feeling and that feeling reflects freedom.


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